SMS marketing is a medium which involves text messaging over a mobile device and can be done from a mobile phone or in bulk using an SMS Aggregator and distributor online. Some businesses provide the entire service including creating the messages and sending them via an aggregator on behalf of a business.

Today, direct text marketing has been subsumed under mobile marketing, which includes rich media embedded into the marketing messages as well as those messages sent via mobile applications besides SMS.

Benefits :

Companies and businesses can benefit from using this form of modern marketing by sending either promotional content, reminders, event announcements, discount coupons or any other informational content via text format directly to individuals via their personal mobile phones or PDAs, which is beneficial because of the relatively low cost entailed.

Some observers have commented that it allows companies to reduce their impact on the environment because they are no longer using paper for their direct mails

Customer Sender ID

You could pick your personal sender identity that perfectly defines, represents, and promotes your emblem.

Interactive SMS

Experience treasured interaction with your clients. Conduct surveys, receive evaluate rankings, and plenty greater!


A consumer-pleasant layout guarantees it’s simple and smooth to launch bulk, interactive or vicinity-based totally SMS campaigns.

API Integration

The usage of our software program Interface (API), you can seamlessly integrate your own advertising, sales, or CRM gear


You could instigate targeted advertising campaigns primarily based on who your clients are, wherein they may be, and their choices.


The platform makes it simple and easy to analyse the success of your campaigns. Monitor delivery rates, open rates, and more.