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Direct Technologies (directologies) is a single source for today’s cutting-edge direct marketing services and solutions — from strategic and creative development to analytics and production — specializing in communications for a diverse range of industry verticals.

Directologies is an integrated direct marketing company and our mission is to deliver solution-based direct marketing services that add value to the relationships between our clients and their customers.


Dikanz introduces practical education in schools and colleges to create a new young generation. By the help of robotics 3D printing and internet of things. We are a group of young professionals striving to come together and introduce a new age concept of 3D and IOT to schools and colleges.

The reason to target Schools and colleges is keeping in mind that the next generation will be leading the future and the future is technology and AI and hence came the idea of channelizing our present youth for a better future.


As the digital marketing supersedes the traditional media, Techsoftmedia to excel in communication with all kinds of people and give them the latest and the best of information, as per their interests. Techsoftmedia enable you to reach up and engage with people in a creative manner.

They hold a distinctive vision for the bubbling, worldwide arena of Digital Marketing. Techsoftmedia can append the digital edge to your brand in this digital age.